Liability and Capacitance


Well my first coil is finally underway. A local sign shop gave away two neon
sign xformers a 15 kv -at-30ma and a 9kv -at-30ma. I have decided to try and
repare the 9 and use it on my first coil which should be a nice start. In
about 2 weeks I am moving back to school and living in an apartment complex.
My question is, does any one see a problem that firing one of these things
in the apartment could create. It is almost a garantee that there will be
many portable phones in use as well as computers. If there could be
problems, what are some of the percautions that I could take to guarantee
the safety of nearby electronics. Or does anyone think that my coil should
be delayed untill I return from school. 

If I can fire this thing at school I run into the problem of a good ground.
My apatrment is on the third floor of the building and I don't want to
ground the coil threw the third prog in a power outlet( or can I ?). I know
that in my grandparents house w/ its copper and steel pipes they used the
water line as a ground. But in the my apartment they used PVC. Could you
still use the water supply as a ground in the apartment if a bolt was
screwed in to the plastic pipe so that you had a direct metal to water

And finally this should be an easy question. What is the best or easiest way
to measure capacitance in a home grown cap. 

Thank for the help. Nathan  

If it jams, force it. If it breaks. it needed replacing anyway.