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> I was just wondering why we use air core secondary windings. In all the high
> frequency transformers I have seen, there is a ferrite core. The information
> below did not mention any effects of using a ferrite core on a Tesla coil.
> Would it work with ferrite as the coil former?
> I also have a radio Ham friend who has a 5kw RF generator with a resonant
> cavity output. Can this power supply be hooked up to a TC primary and work?
> What is a resonant cavity anyway and can it be used in Tesla coil applications?
> Paul Millott (Almost a coiler)


Ferrite would make an excellent core material and has already been used 
by myself, our own Dave Sharpe and Lou Balint in Pennsylvania. (magnifier 
driver)  The ideal use would be in a magnifier driver.  Duane Byland 
pioneered this in a solid state driver for a resonator.

The problem is that this would not make a really good high frequency 
coil.  The best results would be obtained under 100KHZ.  Also, it would 
not make a good two coil system due to the huge increase in coupling and 
the need for fast quenching spark gaps.

You can piddle with the concept by dropping ferrites rods, one at a time, 
into a cardboard tube inside a resonator on a simple two coil system and 
see the coupling start to climb.

Richard, Hull, TCBOR