Re: "Astro-Coil P1"

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> >>
> >> I also picked up the following capacitors:
> >> 2mfd 10kv  (two of these)
> >> 1.6mfd 36Kv (one of these)
> >> These appear to be from power line equipment...can they handle pulse use,
> >> as in tesla coils?  and what about direct shorting (for use in various cap.
> >> discharge projects)?...
> >> #######
> >Most of these PF correction caps are either paper or paper/plastic
> >dielectric and can be used for pulse work, though not ideal for the
> >purpose.  The caps you have are far too high a value for anykind of Tesla
> >work, as is.  RHull
> Hi there..and thanks for responding to my post.
> (I am aware how little I know, so bear with me..as I am learning :)   )
> With those caps. I mentioned...
> (the 2mfd. 10kv)
> you mentioned that modification would be ness. for any Tesla Coil usage.
> would this modification be more than just series-ing enough of these to get
> the value down to a reasonable level (and thus increasing the voltage
> rating), or is there design differances with these caps. that require
> modification (thus not really being worth it for that type of usage)
> (Granted..it would take quite a few of these)
> Robert DelBueno

You would need exactly 100 of the large 2 ufd caps in series to be of any 
value in Tesla work (.02ufd is a good Tesla coil cap).

You would have to cut the case open on a number of caps and 
series/parallel the individual packs to utilize a small number of caps if 
you don't have 100 of these puppies.

Richard Hull, TCBOR