Re: New to the group

Hi all, 

        I'm new to tesla coil building. I would like to start my first coil
but I living in a small town with limited resources. I have checked all the
local stores and can find almost all that is needed for a first coil. The two
concerns that I have are the driver and HV transformer. First, does each
driver need to be custom built for each coil? or can on driver controll
several different coils. If one driver can controll several different coils
where can I get plans for one that will last.  Second where are the best
places you have found to buy transformers? I am like many colledge students
w/ more time than money and want to get all the building correct the first
time. Thanks in advance for any imput and or suggestions. 

Nathan Howard   

Do you intend to build a tube or solid state coil?  If not, I'm not sure 
what you mean by driver.

The Richards both suggest going to neon sign shops and going through 
their "trash" heap of dead neons.  Perhaps one of them can elaborate.

Whatever you do, don't buy a new neon sign transformer until you have 
exhausted all your resources.  They are an expensive lesson in fragility.
(I got burned this way myself :-( )  If you wish to repair one, there are 
probably several people on the list that would ship you a blown neon to 
fix and use.  All you would have to do is pay shipping.  I have a 12kV 
(60 ma I think) that I could send.  (I use 15kV for my system) 
Contact me privately if you wish this route (chip-at-pupman-dot-com or