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>>  I would like to be part of your Tesla Coil newsletter mailing list. I
>>have been building and designing Tesla coils for over 6 years and
>>am also a computer programmer (I have written a CAD program for their
>>Chris Singletary
>>President - Lightning Software
>>Believe that you CAN accomplish the impossible and you shall.
>I was wondering...in all my searches, I have never been able to find a CAD
>program for tesla coils for the Mac.   I have limited programming
>experience..I have written a few short programs on a compiler for Mac.
>called Future Basic..nothing to fancy..but pretty functional....I am
>looking for someone that would be interested in having a Mac version of
>their program developed.
>If interested please respond.
>Robert Del Bueno

Robert -

You might be interested in my Tesla Coil Notebook and JHCTES Ver 2.2
computer program for DOS on 3 1/2 inch diskette for ideas on what is
required for a comprehensive Tesla coil program. The Notebook describes the
necessary calculations the computer performs to coordinate the 46 major T.C.
parameters to keep the system in tune. No other T.C. program at present can
do this. I am working on a MAC version.

John Couture