Coil form

Hello all,
I would like to pose a couple of questions to the group.
My latest coil Is 6.6 inch secondary schedule 80 pvc or there abouts coated
with polybefore and after winding.Winding length of 20 inches with #24 wire
power is 4 1200 30ma neons 1440 watts I have been able to with the help of
the knowledge of the list subscribers and Richard Hull's videos to increase
this coils performance up to 44 inch streamers with a Variac. Thanks guys!
My question is I built the secondary out of schedule 80 before I knew any
better.Would the effort and expense of winding a new secondary out of a
plexi coil form possibly with larger wire be worth the trouble and would it
increase the performance much? 
And second has anyone used epoxy glass circuit boards with the coper etched
off for a border as cap plates wet or dry in reguards to my post about the
big TC coil plans? The only source of large pc boards I have found at a
reasonable price is Electronics Goldmine, but they are double sided could
they be separated by PE sheets? Thanks again.

Unplug the Variac BEFORE cleaning the gap!