Re: Rebuilding a neon

>From: Mike Hammer <mhammer-at-midwest-dot-net>
>To: tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
>Subject: Re: Rebuilding a neon

>Barry (and others)
>Thanks to all for the info on rebuilding my Jefferson neon.
>I tried knocking out the straight core piece with a punch and
>hammer but it wouldn't budge. Only succeeded in damaging the top
>lamination. So I disassembled the main core layer by layer and about
>half way through everything slid apart.
>The red glyptol as a coating sounds interesting. Where can I get some
>of this stuff? I had put a couple coats of polyurethane on to protect
>the windings and was thinking about using RTV or hot glue to insulate 
>it from the core.
>I also removed 3 shunts from each side to boost output. I have not
>put the thing back together yet. Hopefully will get it together this
>Mike Hammer

	Rather than glyptol the secondaries, how about dunking it in
oil? The oil will insulate it and cool it. If necessary, just pull the
transformer out, clean it in paint thinner and rework it again.
Transformer oil costs about $20 U.S. for 5 gallons from your local oil
distributor: shell, uniocal etc.