Re: Big Triode Tubes

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> >From richard.quick-at-slug-dot-orgThu Aug 29 22:51:25 1996
> Date: Fri, 30 Aug 1996 01:16:00 GMT
> From: Richard Quick <richard.quick-at-slug-dot-org>
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> Subject: Big Triode Tubes
> Quoting Dan Gowin <gowin-at-epic-1.nwscc.sea06.navy.mil>:
> > Having a hard time trying to find those giant high power
> > tubes for our Tesla coils. Inspect this sight:
> > "http://www.svetlana-dot-com/".
> > Apparently these tubes are still manufactured in Russia. I
> > found an RCA 811A equivelent in there industrial stocks. They
> > also have some tubes that I've never heard of, at huge
> > voltages.
> While there can be no doubt that the 811A is one of the most
> popular tubes for use in CW Tesla coils I have doubts that this
> tube is really the best solution. With the increased difficulty
> in finding 811A in good condition at reasonable prices it would
> seem prudent to find a better substitution. The "unheard of"
> tubes sound interesting.
> For my first tube coil I am planning on using the rugged and
> powerful "light-house" triode tubes typically used in commercial
> RF induction heaters. After speaking with an induction heating
> engineer I am convinced that these type tubes are all but perfect
> for high powered tube Tesla coils.
> Try sending for a catalog from: Vacuum Tube Industries, Inc.
> 506 North Warren Avenue, P.O. Box 2009, Brockton, MA.  02405  USA
> tel: 508-584-4500  tel: 800-528-5014  fax: 508-584-0096
> They specialize in new and rebuilt 450 KC power tubes for
> commercial RF induction heaters and carry a full line of new and
> used plate & filament transformers, cooling loops, control
> systems, etc.. These people have been very nice to me on the
> phone and have a super catalog with many "one-off" rebuilt power
> tubes that can be picked up cheaply.
> my 2 cents
> Richard Quick
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	I was thinking about buying a Svetlana 4CX1600B High Performance
Tetrode. Its a ceramic/Metal Tetrode that can disipate up to 1600
Watts. This tetrode is is used in high gain grid-driven RF amplifiers. 
I need to get Abode Acrobat to read the spec. sheet for particulars
though. The Devil is in the details.

	I'll also get that catalog from Vacuum Tube Industries.
	Any comments are always welcome.  

Large round red HV caps. Burn baby burn.
D. Gowin