Tuning Problem

Hello all,
 I have recently changed my spark gap on my 6" secondary,120mah neon sized
coil, to an air blast gap, and changed the gap to now be in parallel with
the transformer.
I have noticed a differnace in spark output ..from 24" to about 32"
(although this still seems low to others with similar sized coils)...but
now with the added output, I am getting interturn sparking on the
secondary...I figured this was due to not properly being tuned so I began
attempting to tune the tap on the primary...no matter where I go I cannot
seem to eliminate this problem.

With the largest output I am only on the fourth turn of the primary...could
I possible be out of tune so bad that I am tuned to a harmonic?
Perhaps I need more turns on my primary?  (I only have 6 turns total)

Rob D.