Re: EMF Problems?

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> Subject: EMF Problems?
> To All,
> My cousin, who recently has gone through bone marrow transplant for blood
> cancer, was asking me if being in an intence rf field around large Tesla
> coils
> could cause any harm?  I said that I never even thought about it. I am not
> refering to XRAY or light emissions. Does anyone out there know about the
> effects of RF fields and the human body?
> Kevin M. Conkey

Biological effects of EMF (ELF to RF) is a whole subject of contemporary
research (especially ELF=Extremely Low Frequency, mainly 50 and 60 Hz) on
which I am writing my PhD.
For a Tesla Coil emmiting at more than about 100 kHz you are interested in RF
EMF radiation. You can find a lot of literature, but you must have
measurements of the field around a TC.

>>>- Does anybody have realized such field measurements? -<<<

You would surely have a problem if your cousin had an electronic implant like
a pacemaker. But, my opinion is that your cousine has nothing more to be
afraid of than any other person.
On the other hand ELF EMF are suspected for cancer generation or for 
carcinogenetic agents stimulation (that is not causing cancer by itself, but 
helping other carcinogenetic factors). This a much disputed matter, 

I would to help in this matter, if there is interest from the list, or by
private e-mail otherwise.

Peter J. Papadopoulos
Athens, Greece.