Re: TC primary wiring

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>Date: Thu, 29 Aug 1996 12:21:24 -0400
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>Subject: Re: TC primary wiring
>If I gave an operational coil to ANYONE I would make sure that I 
couldnt be
>held liable for anything. If some person gets fried they WILL look for
>someone to hang it on, someone to prosecute. Caps will kill, if they 
are any
>size usually they will kill without fail. I have no idea what all that 
>would do to a pacemaker in a musem visitor but the DA's here would 
surely be
>trying to say wanton, reckless whatever in order to hang you. Please 
be sure
>you are covered, Im a nurse and I know a little about what lawyers can 
>will try to do to you and it does not have to be your fault. Right or 
>will not matter either.        Take care,  Steve.


I echo what Steve posts.  I am an attorney (nonpracticing by choice) 
and I can tell you plantiff attorneys are remarkably clever and 
resourceful.  There is no way certain that you, as a private citizen, 
may insulate yourself from liability you may incur by donating tour TC. 
Your actions are laudable and thoughts are charitable, but caution is 
in order.