Salt water caps, Was earth resonance

On Thu, 29 Aug 1996, Tesla List wrote:

> Another question...  He also used salt water/glass 
> capacitors which I've heard from several people have high 
> losses.  Well if he used them and obtained the results he 
> did then why is everyone moving to new age plastics.  I 
> think one of the reasons that many of his ideas and 
> inventions have not been replicated is that we have been 
> blinded by modern day technology and techniques.

When you have over 15 kilowatt power nearly any cap will work. The reason 
Tesla did not use plastic is quite simply because it did not exist back 
then. Mica did exist but it cost heaps. Also, glass caps are big and 
messy, and for our low power levels, the loss is significant in reducing