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 > Having a hard time trying to find those giant high power
 > tubes for our Tesla coils. Inspect this sight:
 > "http://www.svetlana-dot-com/".
 > Apparently these tubes are still manufactured in Russia. I 
 > found an RCA 811A equivelent in there industrial stocks. They 
 > also have some tubes that I've never heard of, at huge 
 > voltages.
 While there can be no doubt that the 811A is one of the most
 popular tubes for use in CW Tesla coils I have doubts that this
 tube is really the best solution. With the increased difficulty
 in finding 811A in good condition at reasonable prices it would
 seem prudent to find a better substitution. The "unheard of"
 tubes sound interesting.
 For my first tube coil I am planning on using the rugged and
 powerful "light-house" triode tubes typically used in commercial
 RF induction heaters. After speaking with an induction heating
 engineer I am convinced that these type tubes are all but perfect
 for high powered tube Tesla coils.
 Try sending for a catalog from: Vacuum Tube Industries, Inc.
 506 North Warren Avenue, P.O. Box 2009, Brockton, MA.  02405  USA
 tel: 508-584-4500  tel: 800-528-5014  fax: 508-584-0096
 They specialize in new and rebuilt 450 KC power tubes for
 commercial RF induction heaters and carry a full line of new and
 used plate & filament transformers, cooling loops, control
 systems, etc.. These people have been very nice to me on the
 phone and have a super catalog with many "one-off" rebuilt power
 tubes that can be picked up cheaply. 
 my 2 cents
 Richard Quick >>


Please keep us posted.  I also want to build a tube driven Tesla coil someday
and am interested in your project.

Ed Sonderman