Re: TC primary wiring

>They are actually cheap and easy to get from companies like T&R and Solomon. 
>One of mine was under $200.  Hence the temptation and potential danger of
>rushing into buying one.
>Charles Brush
Every now and then a utility company increases its primary distribution
voltage from a nominal 12kv to 34 kv.  This means it has to change all of
its poletop transformers.  VEPCO did so in the 50s.  Whenever a company goes
to the higher primary distribution voltage the reliability goes way down
because the feeder which is operated radially, can carry a lot more power
and is extended much further, increasing its exposure to the various causes
of forced outage.  But I digress.  The reason I mention this is to indicate
a cheap source of the 12kv pole pigs which it junks or sells off.  Wallace
Edward Brand>