Re: RF Interference : HELP!!!

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> Hi guys (gals??),
> I am having a big problem with RF interference when running my coil. It is a
> small (1.5kW) coil completely surrounded by a faraday shield (bird-wire). I
> have just placed a 16A line filter in the input and I still have strong
> interference on TV's and AM Radio. For the RF ground I buried large sheets
> of flashing and copper tubing although only to a depth of 4 feet as the
> ground is full of rocks. I water it regularly and even that doesn't seem to
> effect it.
> I remember Richard Quick saying he ran a TC in the room next to the TV with
> no interference. Any suggestions would be most welcome!
> Thanks
> Graham Armitage >>
>I don't know how you have your grounds set up but I use the main RF ground
>only for the Tesla secondary, the safety gaps, the strike rail and the case
>of the transformer.  I use two AC line filters,  one for the variac that
>controls the H.V. transformer and one for the other AC power (rotary motor,
>fans, etc.).  The case of each filter is then connected to a toroid filter
>that I wound ( about 20 turns on a 2.5" ferrite form) and each toroid is then
>connected together and to a separate ground - not the main house wiring
>ground and not the main R.F. ground.  I get a small amount of snow on the
>T.V. and that is all - but you cannot use the portable wireless telephone at
>Ed Sonderman

   How long is the wire between the Faraday Cage and the ground?  If
   there is considerable RF current flowing along that wire, that wire
   itself will definitely act like an antenna.  In the radio business,
   ground wires should always be as short as possible.

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