Re: Electrostatics

Richard,  Charlie et al...
>>For all appearances, this system was acting as if the spherical
>>"pickup" terminal and the insulated counterpoise above the ground 
>>were being charged with DC from the coil. The more capacitance
>>added to the counterpoise, the bigger and brighter the sparks I
>>was able to draw to the system ground. The longer I allowed the
>>counterpoise to charge, the bigger and brighter the sparks I was
>>able to draw to the ground.

This is neat!  Is that what Tesla proposed for wireless transmission of
energy?  If you pulsed this at 7-8 Hz, what would happen?  Could you send
the power through the earth?

>>Several of Tesla's experiments were conducted with a type of field
>>emission device which generated x-rays of considerable voltage.
>>By using a similar device I intend to focus this energy onto a lead
>>coated large block of metal connected electrically on a tether to
>>a large conducting sphere elevated by helium. This should charge the
>>lead block and sphere to a high potential.
>>By using a spark gap from the lead block to ground and then by 
>>varying the distance and/or voltage I should be able to control
>>the frequency of the discharges to the ground.

Are you discharging these in at the earth's resonant frequency?  If you keep
the oscillator running at the earth's resonant frequency, even a small one
will build to large levels.

This stuff is interesting!
*** Magic Bill ***