Re: RF Interference : HELP!!!

Graham wrote,

>I am having a big problem with RF interference when running my coil. It is a
>small (1.5kW) coil completely surrounded by a faraday shield (bird-wire). I
>have just placed a 16A line filter in the input and I still have strong
>interference on TV's and AM Radio. For the RF ground I buried large sheets
>of flashing and copper tubing although only to a depth of 4 feet as the
>ground is full of rocks. I water it regularly and even that doesn't seem to
>effect it.
>I remember Richard Quick saying he ran a TC in the room next to the TV with
>no interference. Any suggestions would be most welcome!

What kind of RF filters are in the line (power cord)?  Or are you dumping
the energy into your house wiring.  I have a Plug-N-Power system (Radio
Shack) that is a carrier current-controlled switch that I got from Radio
Shack.  The RF really screws up the action on those controllers.  I have a
curio cabinet with a light and it messes with that controller even though it
has a surge suppressor.  They don't filter out RF, do they?

*** Magic Bill ***