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>	I'm new to the group also and coiling. But not new the 
>engineering involved for these types of power systems. I live in
>Bloomington Indiana and all of the businesses here ship in there
>neon signs from out of state. Most of the dealers I talked to want
>$80.00 or more for even a 9 KV 60 Ma. Luckily Bloomington is
>also home of ABB power, and I just bought a new pole pig at the
>factory. If you think neons are expensive, a new 5 KVA pole pig
>is about $400.00. About repairing an old neon, the old ones where
>filled with PCB type compounds and its a real mess. And according
>to the Engineers at ABB the engineering is pretty tight.Ask Brent 
>Turner,he has a degreased neon in his book. Brent modified his
>9 KV 30 Ma neon for 45 Ma output.
>D. Gowin

No Kidding

        I am new also. My neon got fried. I checked around and it is going
to cost 145.00 plus shiping for a new 15KV 30ma. Do you know where I could
find one for less.


Nicholas Willam McQuiston
General Geek