Re: Toroid Smoke


>	Now I'm really havin' fun. 
Isn't it a blast when things start working! Now if I can only figure
out how to build a cap that will last;)

>Tonight I had smoke and a very small flame come from the "loose"
>connection between the secondary and the toroid.  The center disc is a
>product called Celotex that is 3/4" styrofoam insulation covered on both
>sides with aluminum foil.  Well, the connection got hot enough to start
>a small flame, some smoke but little damage. 

I know that electronic components have smoke as the working fluid
(they must, when you let the smoke out, they stop working;) I didn't
realize that this extended to Celotex!

> Spark gap is running a touch rough tonight so I will have to
>examine it before running again. 
Rebalanced the unit. The electrodes (points) have worn unevenly.

Pics? and a rehash of you system? It's only been several months and a
few thousand posts, my memory is going;) 1 to many hits off of a TC?