Re: variac

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>>        I'm the proud? owner of an ancient looking 0-280 volt 28amp
>>Powerstat.  It seems to work OK, but I've only tested it on a 120 volt
>>line and with a light load.  On inspection, I see that the wiper
>>brushes are worn and in need of replacement.  Does anyone have a
>>source for new brushes or the address of Superior Electric?
>>        Can this transformer be operated at higher current levels than its
>>amp design spec?  It has a 30 amp fuse, so this will obviously need to
>>go higher.  I would like to operate it intermittantly at 40-45 amps.
>>Would forced air cooling help?


I have the same Powerstat variac.  I have had it up to 40 amps before for a
few minutes at a time and have had no problems.

Ed Sonderman