Impedance of the mains

Hi all,
        I've lost count of the number of students here who've tried 
to measure this. Unfortunately for me, the results end up on my 
    On a more serious note, I would like to take this opportunity to 
publicly thank everyone on the list for some stimulating and fruitful 
discussions. I would in particular like to thank (in no particular 
order) Jim Fosse (I just got the catalog for the"Fair Sales Radio 
Co.), Richard Quick, Scott Myers (the caps have just turned up at 
customs - I'll be collecting them today after parting with yet another
tax), Dr Rseszotarski, Mark Barton, Chip Atkinson, Ed Harris, Ed 
Phillips and many others. I am thoroughly enjoying being able to take 
part in this excellent conference (energy used = energy paid for).
Jim has kindly agreed to scan a photo of one of my coils at some stage
and arrange for it to be put on FTP. He has also (or is going to)
put the details of my extended foil cap design there also.

Over and listening,