Re: Tesla coil specs.

Mark & Charles,

I couldn't stay outta this thread of converstation any longer guys!  Mark is 
correct!  Outside of insulation concerns, the higher the inductance, the 
better.  Heavy wire is nice if you are looking to do some "power thing" 
after you generate the voltage, but fine wire will really pack on the 
inductance and that plus the rate of power delivery to the resonator is all 
that determines the output voltage.  Output voltage is spark !  Our current 
magnifier uses a 1 foot tall, 4" diameter resonator and tight wound 30 gauge 
wire.  It blasts out up to 9.5 feet of arc (straight line) at 6KW input.  It 
gets real hot but works great!  Always go for inductance.  The art is in 
making it compact and having it survive!

     Richard Hull, TCBOR
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Subject: Re: Tesla coil specs.
Date: Wednesday, April 03, 1996 11:03AM