Induction Heating Probe

Hi All,

Further to my suggestion for an induction heating probe made under the
Primary Coil Design thread initiated by Jeff W. Parisse:

Using a graphite tube 0.875 inches long, 0.375 inches outside diameter and
approximately 0.25 inches inside diameter, which was epoxied to the probe of
an alcohol thermometer (-20 to 130 degrees centigrade) I achieved the
following response.

With an Ameritherm 2.5 kW induction heater putting out a measly 50 watts,
and the graphite tube/thermometer located in the centre of a 1 inch ID, 5
turn solenoid the indicated temperature of the probe rose at a rate of 45
degrees centgrade in 1 minute.  So about 1 degree C per minute per Watt
under these conditions or 1.8 degrees F/min/Watt.

                IIIIII          alcolhol thermometer
                   ^graphite tube epoxied to thermometer bulb

I would be interested to hear how this works at picking up RF hot spots on a
high power coil.

Harry Adams