Re: 7 kv -at- 1 amp[ transformer

Hi Skip,

> I have a chance to pick up a 7 kv -at- 1 amp plate transformer at a very
> good price. I wonder if anyone in the group has attempted to work with
> this low a voltage transformer....successfully?
> Would appreciate any inputs

I have done quite a bit with 6000 VAC.  The first problem you will run
into is getting the gap(s) to fire reliably.  It seems that the gaps
build up oxidation and there is enough resistance to cause grief.  As soon
as I would get the gap opened enough for good quenching, the reliability
went down the drain.  I solved this problem by going to a 5 gap vacuum
system closely spaced (I can't recall the spacing).  This gave good
performance and reliable gap firing.  However, this was with a neon
supply and static gaps.  If your intention is to use a rotary, you may
be able to alleviate this problem without going to a vacuum gap in series,
although I recommend them highly.

I can tell you from experience that a higher voltage (12 KV to 15 KV) works
better at the same power levels.  I'm sure others will concur.  If the
transformer is say less than $75, I would go for it.  Keep in mind that
pole transformers can be purchased rebuilt with a warranty for around $250.
If they want more than $100, I would think hard since you may want a higher
voltage down the road.

Scott Myers