Secondary wiring broke

Quoting alan.jones-at-kaboodle-dot-com (Alan Jones)

> I was winding a 6-5/8" o.d. form and the wiring snagged on the
> spool and broke. I had my hand on the form so luckily I didn't
> end up with a rat's nest of wire.... I soldered the wire back 
> together, and hammered it some and filed it some and it 
> actually looks fairly decent. After laying it back on the
> form it is hard to tell where it was pieced back together. 
> Except for the shiny bare wire of course. My question is, 
> should I finish winding out to the end with this repaired wire
> or just saw the form off a little above the break and end it 
> here? I was thinking that the spark might want to break out at
> the repair since that will be the weak spot in the wiring.

Apply a dollup of epoxy to insulate the splice, and wind it up.
Once wound you can smooth a little sealer over the patch if it
leaks corona excessively.

Richard Quick

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