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Date: Tue, 30 Apr 96 11:44:00 PDT
From: Richard Hull <RICHARDH-at-whitlock-dot-com>
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I am the titular head of the TCBOR and it appears none of the other guys are 
on the net yet.  I wouldn't be on here either, but for the free access here 
at work.  I am the maker and seller of all the video tapes, too.

It is not possible to shrink quarters to dime size using any standard Tesla 
coil equipment!  This is a special set up involving capacitive discharging 
through a coil and giant energy storage capacitor banks.  We show examples 
on our tapes.

There is little way to briefly describe the water arc explosion experiments 
or the wire exploding experiments here without violating the Tesla coil only 
nature of this board.
This work is ongoing serious research with Dr. Peter Graneau of MIT and 
others in our research water arc group.  I do cover the work a bit in one or 
two of our report tapes.  Some most unusal characteristics are noted when 
dielectric explosions occur in water!  Basically an arc is forced to 
discharge underwater in a violent explosion in a well designed accelerator 
or "gun".  Energy output readings are taken and results analyzed.  It is a 
glorified spark plug under water.  The energyies required are 1000-6000 
joules. with voltage running as high as 25KV into capacitor banks of up to 
20.0 ufd at the stated voltages.  Definitely not Tesla coiler fare.  As 
little as 50 joules can be used in small experiments.  Wire explosions are 
in the range of 500-3000 joules of input energy.  The crucial part of the 
system is wiring and switching.

X-rays are emitted from a bulb in coil use when the filament emitts 
electrons in a vacuum via the high field emmision principle.  X rays are 
generated when they strike the glass walls of the bulb.  Normally, these are 
rather soft, but be careful.    Our member, Bill Richards, received rather 
severe X-Ray burns when powering up a hydrogen thyratron with a half wave 
tesla coil.  Proper shielding is a must if the coil has a good deal of power 
behind it.

Our tapes could easily be offered for $10.00 each if Video Club of America 
would just make up 8 million copies of each tape and distribute them.  As it 
is, I must assemble and copy and mail each one myself and I won't do it at a 
loss.  Our tapes are absolutely free to all people who mail in a full two 
hour tape of their Tesla coil work!!  We have always had this in place and 
guess what?  We have recieved only about 7 tapes from regular coilers over 
these many years.  It seems they find out real quick that it is very tought 
to assemble and mail off a two hour tape on a regular basis.  Next time you 
pick up a feature length movie for $14.95   You must realize that only in 
the coutless millions can this tape be distributed, profitably, for that 

Richard Hull, TCBOR

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Subject: Re:Teslathon 96?
Date: Friday, April 26, 1996 9:43PM

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Are there any more of you guys in this group(chips list) besides Richard
I just recieved a list of the video's that they offer. I have a couple of
questions that I hope are considered ok for this group.
I was wondering when the next Teslathon was?

How on earth is it possible to shrink a quarter to the size of a dime using
our Tesla equiptment? (no I did not get this from the Boogie Nation!)
Can you briefly describe the wire exploding and water arc experiments?

And finally, for safety's sake for newcomers and those of us who just don't
know, how are xrays emitted from a light bulb.

I know these questions are not strictly about tesla coil building, but they
do apparently use our equiptment and I feel that they would not be answered
by USA-TESLA even if I were still suscribed. And at this point in time I
could not possibly afford all of their tapes that seem to interest me,
perhaps the price could be dropped drastically to maybe $10/tape.


Kevin M. Conkey