Re: Primary spacing on large coil.

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> Subject: Re: Primary spacing on large coil.
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> >Subject: Primary spacing on large coil.
> Larry Gardner wrote,
> >I am currently in the process of building a large Tesla coil.
> >It will have an input of 50KV at 100mA.  The primary capacitance is
> >12.5nF, and will resonate at 120kHz. The secondary has a diameter of 15
> >inches.
> >       The problem here is how far apart do the primary winding need to
> >be in a large coil?  In the smaller coils built I know that primary
> >sapcing was recommended to be from 3/8 to 1/2 of and inch.
> >       Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> >Larry Gardner
> >"The present is theirs, the future, for which I really worked, is
> >mine"-Nikola Tesla
> Larry,
> Break timing  jitter and dwell start to deviate wildly  and
> become increasingly hard to control with conventional rotary breaks at
> such voltages.  The only reason I can figure that you must wish to
> try this is to get higher power from a very high voltage, small value
> capacitor that you must have lucked upon and that you also have a
> 100mA, 50 kilovolt transformer.  I think the extra problems that you
> will have with  your break merely to achieve 5 kilowatts, commonly
> achieved by simpler means, will diminish the value of this exercize.
> However,... if you want to go to that trouble to charge a LARGE value
> capacitor at 50 kilovolts with say 1 amp or more,  I'd say go for it before I
> do so and maybe I can learn from your mistakes!
> Happy coiling!, rwstephens	In the coil under construction I have surplus mica caps, at 
approximately 6nf and 120KVDC.  The power supply is being build by a 
freind for the cost of parts.  The gap being experimented with is a 
multiple gap, as diagrammed in Tesla's red book and The Fanstastic 
Inventions of Nikola Tesla.
	The one question I still have is what do the primary winding 
spaceings need to be on a coil this size?


"The present in their's, the future, for which I worked, is mine"
-Nikola Tesla