Re: T.C. Phone Home

On Sun, 21 Apr 1996 21:41:26 -0500, "Robert W. Stephens"
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Robert asked me to foward his reply. jf
>You wrote as comments:
>>1. How about 400Hz on the power line from the variable load the
>>transformer presents when your spark gap conducts. Any RFI filters on
>>the power line will not attenuate this low if a frequency very much.
>I had pointed out that the ZZZZZT sound was only induced into the 
>telephone answering machine when the streamer contacted a conductor 
>to ground.   Since the spark gap is always conducting, whether or not 
>the streamers are connecting with something, I don't think that is 
>the mechanism at work here.  I should add for its related interest however
>that in my experience, most noticeable with my largest coil, when I'm pumping
>8 or so kilowatts into the machine which is just below the power level 
>required to make corona off the large topload torroid, you can see 
>the poor rotary break gaps taking terrible punishment by considerably 
>increased light output from them.  As soon as a streamer forms, the 
>light output from the rotary drops dramatically.  During this condition of 
>no output, yet large input,  some of the bottled up energy is emitted 
>as extra heat and light at the spark gap.  I can imagine under this 
>circumstance that RFI back to the power line might also be more 
>severe, which the RFI line filters will try to deal with, and if 
>they're good ones, will succeed.  I haven't had the opportunity to 
>test RFI levels under this no sstreamer condition yet.
>I still think this is a case of currents elevating local ground, but 
>I am prepared to accept the concept of the path of conductor which is 
>my grounded target, re-radiating EM radiation like an antenna between 
>the point where it is struck, and where it eventually enters the 
>earth. It would then be either the phone lines, OR the power lines, 
>picking up this field and feeding it into the telephone device.
>This would make sense to your next comment and the walkman 
>headphone cord acting perhaps as an antenna, and the audio output 
>stage amplifier  in the walkman acting as a audio frequency detector to the 400
>Hz tone.
>>2. The other night I was running my TC at about 1500 watts (that's the
>>limit for my ballast for my pig right now). My wife was using the
>>48Mhz cordless phone about 15' away and could only just hear my TC. My
>>son, on the other hand was in bed 30' away listening to a casette tape
>>on his walkman. He complained about the TC comming over the
>>headphones. Magnetic field? or Electric field being picked up by the
>>head phone leads? I'm not sure, but your experience with the magnetic?
>>answering machine would point to a magnetic field, which your fariday
>>cage will not block.
>> OR, did Nikola 
>>Tesla call? Naw, he would have left a message, right?  
>>YES, he left his favorite message!
>Right on!
>Happy coiling!, rwstephens