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Kevin, and other Dayton attendee's;

I plan to hit town about 7AM the Saturday of the fest.  After
taking Scotty hostage so he can navigate through the metropolis
of Dayton it looks like an open day of bargain hunting.  If anyone
wants to pre-arrange a meet, or I can give you my 800-skypage
number for when you arrive.  


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> Paging everybody that is going to the Dayton Hamfest!!
>   I was wondering who all is showing up, and is there a consencus on where
> and when there will be a meeting or get togeather?
>   My daughter and I are opting for the cheap way out, and are going to try
> camping near Dayton. Scott, and anyone else that lives in the area, please
> contact me if you have any sugesstions on a campground. (please forget about
> any Yogi Bear, or KOA type parking lots!)
>                  Kevin M. Conkey (DELCOKEVIN-at-aol-dot-com)