Re: Loud Buzzing Noise

I am not a very good artist, but this is approx what a cross section of
the original corricated drainage pipe I used.  First I covered this
totally with aluminum "plumbers" tape, and then added the styrofoam
middle you see below.  

           //=========\\                         //=========\\
          //                  \\                      //               
         //                    \\                    //                
        //                      \\==========//                        \\
        \\                      //==========\\                        //
         \\                    //                    \\                
          \\                  //                      \\               
           \\=========//                         \\=========//

Thus, I had a silver torus with a piece of styrofoam stuck in the
middle, so to finish it, I put the tape in a slope from the tope of the
toroid to the styrofoam like in the picture below.  This formed two
aluminum tape depressions.  Between the outside of the tube and the
inside of the derpression, there is a little bit of space(marked with

           //=========\\---                   ---//=========\\
          //                  \\**\---         ---/**//                
         //                    \\****\--- ---/****//                   
        //                      \\==========//                        \\
        \\                      //==========\\                        //
         \\                    //****/--- ---\****\\                   
          \\                  //**/---         ---\**\\                
           \\=========//---                   ---\\=========//

I was wondering if it was possible if it was jumping from across this
space and causing the buzzing noise(*'s).  I didn't original think it
would be a problem, but I don't totally understand how the toroid works
and was hoping that you could shed some light on this.  One other note
is that it doesn't make a buzzing noise all the time.  Usually as I
turn the variac up, it will start and then stop at irregular intervals.
 I hope someone can help me with this.  I also hope I won't have to
strip off the aluminum on the inside of the depressions.  Any
suggestions would be helpful.  Thanks

Matt Ptak
Matt Ptak

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