Re: Induction Heating Probe

Hi Jim,

>>Further to my suggestion for an induction heating probe made under the
>>Primary Coil Design thread initiated by Jeff W. Parisse:
>	thanks for the interesting info.
>>                IIIIII          alcolhol thermometer
>>                IIIIII                
>>                   ^graphite tube epoxied to thermometer bulb
>>I would be interested to hear how this works at picking up RF hot spots on a
>>high power coil.
>	I'll let you hold the probe next to a high power TC:)
>	cheers,
>	jim

I had in mind positioning it close to the area where a problem is suspected,
then firing for a minute or two and checking the temperature rise after
shutting down.  Not even I'm crazy enough to get close to an energized TC. :>

But seriously folks, your primaries would make dandy induction heaters so I
wouldn't be surprised if things did warm up when placed close to them.


Harry Adams