Digitizing Photos


I understand that some of you want to digitize photos for placement on 
the Web or the Tesla Group's photo library.

I'm a graphic artist and digital photo editor (when I'm not coiling) so 
it would be very easy for me to process the group's photos. Naturally, I 
would not charge any fee to members of the Tesla Group.

Simply send the prints or 35mm slides/negatives (the latter gives better 
scan quality) to...

Jeff W. Parisse
Digital Design Laboratories
1403 17th Street
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Attn: The Tesla Group

P.S. to Chip: I'll need the necessary FTP info to upload the finished 
products directly to our archives.

...Jeff   www.ddlabs-dot-com       www.ddlabs-dot-com/tesla.html

[Actually that's Kristian Ukkonen kukkonen-at-alpha.hut.fi.  He maintains the 
 Tesla coil archives.  They are well done, check them out at
  ftp.funet.fi in /pub/sci/electrical/tesla -- Chip ]