Capacitor dielectric

Quoting "'David Huffman'" <huffman-at-d0tokensun.fnal.gov>

> Is there a minimum thickness for plastic dielectric? That is 
> if I want 90mils can I use 23 layers of 4mil or 15 layers of 
> 6mil poly? 

The problem I have had is with the trapped air. After compression
is put on, there is still trapped air in the dielectric which I
have not been able to figure out how to remove. Using a water
aspiration pump had no effect, and I fear that putting a harder
vacuum might even cause the air to rupture the thinner
dielectrics as it expands and escapes. Trapped air will cause hot
spots that lead to breakdowns.

The solution of course is not to build up a huge number of
layers, but to build up a stack of high value sub-units with only
one or two layers in each stack. The high value stacks are then
wired in series to bring the value down and the voltage rating

Richard Quick

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