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>>From MALCOLM-at-directorate.wnp.ac.nz Wed Apr  3 14:14 MST 1996

>Hi all,

>    On a more serious note, I would like to take this opportunity to 
>publicly thank everyone on the list for some stimulating and fruitful 
>discussions. I would in particular like to thank (in no particular 
>order) Jim Fosse (I just got the catalog for the"Fair Sales Radio 
>Co.), Richard Quick, Scott Myers (the caps have just turned up at 
>customs - I'll be collecting them today after parting with yet another
>tax), Dr Rseszotarski, Mark Barton, Chip Atkinson, Ed Harris, Ed 
>Phillips and many others. I am thoroughly enjoying being able to take 
>part in this excellent conference (energy used = energy paid for).

Especially:	CHIP for spending the time to moderate this list!!!!!
He has put in an inordinate amount of time and soul to keep this list
on topic and enjoyable at the same time. I know, he has "suggested"
that I rephrase one of my posts because it had potential(pun intended)
but was a little too far off in subject matter. (Chip, this was a
compliment, NOT a criticism). 

Also Kristian at nic.funet.fi for his archive, and Bill Beaty(sp) for
his internet findable web page that brought me here! 

Then there is: Richard Quick, whom in the last 4 months has taken me
from a "done nothing" to a 3' sparker by just replying to other's
questions. The effort he has put in has astounded me!

Richard Hull, who has FINALLY gotten online:) If he would just
digitize ALL of his videos, we could bottleneck the internet for the
next 100 years:)

>Jim has kindly agreed to scan a photo of one of my coils at some stage
>and arrange for it to be put on FTP.

As soon as I find a digitizer that doesn't want $20 US. each of our
photos. I'm hoping that next week my local copy-mart will have
reasonable prices.

> He has also (or is going to)
>put the details of my extended foil cap design there also.
I are an enjiner, notl30u2095q0 a writter:)

	James A. Fosse

[ How could I NOT post this one? :-) -- Chip]