Second Generation 6"

Quoting "Glenn Cerny" <GCerny-at-ix-dot-netcom-dot-com>:

> I have decided to build a second generation coil while my 
> turtle pace rotary is being completed.  .5 inch copper tube 
> primary and a 6" acrylic secondary wound with 22ga.  I was 
> thinking of 14" id with 75' at .5" spacing for the primary and
> about 26" of winding on the secondary.  Before blundering into
> this build though it would be ignorant of me not to run this 
> idea past some of the experienced resources found here.
> This will be run with a rotary and a pole transformer with a CP
> .025 condenser.   (the rotary is 10.5" and has 12 points with 6
> points firing at a time).

This system sounds mighty fine to me. It doesn't sound like
"blundering" as you would have some of us believe.

For the benefit of some of the new coilers on the block how about
an in depth description of the proposed secondary parameters?

Richard Quick

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