Re: Teslathon 96?

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> Subject: Re:Teslathon 96?
> Dear TCBOR,
> Are there any more of you guys in this group(chips list) besides Richard
> Hull?
> I just recieved a list of the video's that they offer. I have a couple of
> questions that I hope are considered ok for this group.
> .
> I was wondering when the next Teslathon was?
> How on earth is it possible to shrink a quarter to the size of a dime using
> our Tesla equiptment? (no I did not get this from the Boogie Nation!)
> Can you briefly describe the wire exploding and water arc experiments?
> And finally, for safety's sake for newcomers and those of us who just don't
> know, how are xrays emitted from a light bulb.
> I know these questions are not strictly about tesla coil building, but they
> do apparently use our equiptment and I feel that they would not be answered
> by USA-TESLA even if I were still suscribed. And at this point in time I
> could not possibly afford all of their tapes that seem to interest me,
> perhaps the price could be dropped drastically to maybe $10/tape.
> Thankyou,
> Kevin M. Conkey
> Kevin
Richard Hull is both articulate and generous with his knowledge as 
witness his comments on this list. Having been to a Teslathon and hoping 
to attend more in the future I can attest to the accuracy of Richard's 
tapes. If you have specific questions I suggest you contact him direct by 
phone of email. He's a great guy.
Skip Greiner