Re: High frequency impedance of a neon sign transformer

Hi Jim, Malcolm, all

	Jim, nice table of values, but I think it
may have gotten distorted a bit in transmission.
I just wanted to add that I measured a newer Jefferson
Electric Neon 15kV 60ma and got different results.

Freq		Z total
-------		---------
100 Hz		386 kohm

600 Hz*		3.8 Mohm		

1kHz		1.3 Mohm

10kHz		112 kohm

100kHz		11 kohm

300kHz		3.5 kohm

* Resonant

Note the 300kHz Z is twice the size of the impedance
I measured on a differnt 15kV 60ma neon as previously 
reported! I guess the contruction is somewhat different
or else the potting compount is now less lossy?

Also note that unlike the old neon, this one seems to have
a resonance point at 600Hz or so! Very interesting. But you
got 3kHz right?

Also, just to check, I tried about a decade difference in
excitation voltages. The impedance remained the same to
within about 10% for different drive voltages.

-Ed Harris