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> Looks like you are back in full action.

Getting there, still a lot of layout work to do, but the basic
essentials are in place.

> Very impressive display you have going on there.


> Can you give some "specs" on what equipment is involved?

Can Do:

This is a very simple 1/4 wave system with no bells and whistles.

The secondary coil is wound with 23 AWG magnet wire on a sealed
PVC thin wall coil form. The winding is 25.4 inches long by 8.4
inches in diameter (~1050 turns) and resonates bare at 150 kHz.
The coil is topped by a small 20x5 inch commercial spun aluminum
toroid. The coil with terminal resonates at 108 kHz.

The tank circuit consists of a flat Archimedes spiral wound
primary, .025 uF -at- 20kvac commercial pulse capacitor from
Condenser Products, and small fixed speed (290 bps) rotary gap.

The primary coil has an inside diameter of ~14 inches, wound with 
1/2 inch soft copper tubing spaced at 3/8 inch between turns of
conductor. The primary is tapped at 11-2/3 turns with the tank
circuit oscillator operating at 102 kHz.

The power supply is a 25 kVA pole pig ballasted down with a
"Medco Big Red" electric arc welder. Output voltage to the coil
is ~8400 volts controlled with two parallel ganged Powerstats
rated at 28 Amps -at- 0-280 Volts.

I am in the process of upgrading many areas. My large "hot wheel"
rotary has been off-line since I roached a "self-balancing"
pulley about two years ago. A puller simply bent the pulley, and
it was finally removed using excessive heat and force. The motor
oil seals are now carbonized and I have to wonder if the shaft is
true. I am also concerned about the outer bearing set. I will
have to tote the motor down to the rebuilder for a check-out and
a new oil seal (at the least). This would put my large variable
speed rotary back on-line.

Also since that photo was taken I have re-wired the 25 kVA pig
for 14400 Volt outputs (I had already gone diving into the can
and rewired the HV side for two terminal operation). Running 0-
280 Volts into the 120 rated primaries puts a definate strain on
the core, but it is heavy enough to take this abuse in
intermittent service. 

Richard Quick

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