Re: Capacitor plastic thickness

Re: Capacitor impregnation
	I know how transformers are encapsulated, and suspect
the same procedure is used by the capacitor people.  The vacuum
chamber includes provision for filling the transformer mold with
potting compounds AFTER everything is evacuated.  There is
enough extra material so that, when air is reintroduced, it 
forces the compounds into all of the EVACUATED voids which
remain due to viscosity of the potting.  With a capacitor the
same general procedure should work, with the oil container
being evacuated also, oil admitted at the top of the capacitor
after evacuation, with enough of a resevoir to provide volume
of oil enough to fill all remaining voids.  Since oil is much
less viscous than potting compound, job should be easier.
Of course, I've never tried this myself........