Re: Tesla Coil

Some time ago, Scott White wrote....

> I was offered a "tesla coil" that was supposedly used in an old atomic
> accelerator. The guy who's selling doesn't know much and the description is
> sketchy. All he says is that it has spark gaps and it says on the side that
> it has an output of 20 RF Amperes. He also says that he has never seen it in
> operation so I don't even know if it works. Does anyone know what this thing
> is or what it does? More importantly, is it worth buying?

This is fundamentally a pulse transformer if it's the accelerator 
type coil I'm thinking of. It will probably have a pri-sec k of about
0.6 to attain full output voltage in 2 half cycles of operation. As
far as I understand, it is used for generating accelerating voltages 
for charged particle beams. Also, it would have been operated in
a tank containing pressurized SF6 if it's this type. Typically,
these coils have a conical shaped primary running almost the full 
height of the secondary to attain the high value of k. It would
be fascinating to me to see one "in the flesh".