Re: My Secondary

On Thu, 11 Apr 1996 tesla-at-grendel.objinc-dot-com wrote:

> >> I wrapped the coil around a 4' long cardboard tube with 8.5"
> >> diameter. I did not paint it with any kind of finish to make it
> >> more of an insulator. I also made a rather larger mistake in using
> >> (and this is the kicker!) #34 wire. So now I have a 4' long 7000
> >> wind inductor and I was wondering if there is any way to make a
> >
> >My suggestions: I would try it out of sheer interest before pulling 
> >it apart. BUT, I think the tube should be thoroughly dried and 
> >                       : bare resonant frequency about 28kHz !
> >

I'd put that thing into a (plastic) tank and make it oil immersed to get
adequate insulation - cardboard should get oil impregnated.. Firing that
thing at audio-frequency should be a NICE experiment to do, IMHO.. 
Primary should perhaps be run with DC to get the huge primary C loaded
every once and a while :)

Kristian Ukkonen.