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>>From jim.fosse-at-bdt-dot-com Tue Mar 19 01:18 MST 1996
[snip, that was last month with my neon]

This month, I've got a question about my 10KVA pole pig, inductively
ballasted to 20A at 220VAC into it's 110V tap. 

I blew my bypass cap tonight. It was 500pF made of 2 layers of 0.040"
PVC, evacuated and oil filled.  I was ;) getting 4' (measured straight
line) arcs before my bypass cap blew. Also some air-discharges out to
maybe 5'.

Question: Am I expecting to much from this cap, or is my primary
voltage going to high? I'm was also getting 2" arcs from the top turn
of my primary to my strike rail.

The pig is a Westinghouse 10+ LL-65 single bushing unit.  At 6.5KV
it's to hard to get the spark gap to fire, so I doubled it by putting
220V into it's 110V tap.

  I'm running 16nF of capacitor (2 layers of 0.060" polyethylene) into
my 15.5 turn  inverse conical primary taped at 12.5 turns.  See
ftp.bdt-dot-com/home/jim.fosse for my pics of my earlier setup. I mounted
everything on a 30" high 3' square roll-arround table, tho, so some
things have changed.

For a spark gap, I'm running a 10 gap cylindrical forced air gap on
the hot side of my primary and a "saw blade" rotary on the ground side
of my primary.

The voltage on my primary seems very high, compared to this coil with
a 15KV neon. Is my spark gap not decoupling my primary from my
secondary well?

Any thoughts on upgrading from a neon to a pig?

	thank you,