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>>>From rwstephens-at-host.ptbo.igs-dot-net Fri Apr 19 01:12 MDT 1996
>Hello all,
>>While I was in the test room this afternoon pounding the walls and 
>>ceiling grounded strike meshing with 7- 8 foot streamers from my medium 
>>size coil now smoothly processing power at 4.6KVA, my telephone 
>>answering machine recorded a most unusual call.
>                             (cut-out for space)
>                 Happy coiling!, rwstephens
>Hey All,
>I too, have had some electrical type "funny things" happen while running a
2400 watt neon 
>powered coil. Firstly, I made the mistake of settin' the coil up too close
to the door 
>opener in my garage. There's a 6 or 8 inch I-beam support between the two,
and the strikes
>would hit the beam once in a while, but no direct hits to the opener.
Anyway, once in a while
>the light on the opener would come on while the coil was on, even tho there
were no hits to
>anything. Thought it was just radio interference and was acting like the
remote. (door never 
>opened, just the light came on) It still seemed ok so I just hmmmmd it off
as a novel side-
>effect. After a while tho, the remote wouldn't work unless you got right up
to the door, and 
>finally, now, won't work at all, even if ya press the manual open button.
Scratch one opener
>    Also, in the basement next to the garage, my printer would load up a
sheet of paper and 
>just sit there blinking as if it had received a print command.  Now
whenever I fire up the coil,
>you can bet the computer and printer and all the tv's are UNPLUGGED... I
hated that noisey old
>garage door opener, but it forewarned me of possible future damage to
electronic equipment that
>I would REALLY miss.
>     Question: Would this most likely be radiated interference, or some
kind of power line surge?
>               I have no filters or chokes in the circuit, so I guess it
could be sendin out
>                all kinds of signals. I know it is extremely noticible on
the phones too.
>                                  What a fun hobby!
>                                    KenCravens