Coil Pics on my ftp site.

My Tesla coil pictures are on my ftp site now.




jf_c1_p1:	jim fosse’s first coil, picture 1. 15KV 60mA neon,
Cylindrical Gap with 90 CFM blower, 11.4nF rolled cap, 15 turn 1/4"
copper primary, 8" by 20" secondary wound with #24 A.W.G. magnet wire
27" by 3" toroid. 18" - 24" arcs.
Pics: 10 seconds, ASA 400, f5.6 with flash.

jf_c1_p2:	second picture. Moved ground terminal to 3 different
positions.	10 second exposure.

jf_c1_p3:	third picture. 40 watt decorative globe as a plasma
globe.		10 second exposure.

jf_c1_p4:	forth picture. 10 second exposure, then flash.

jf_c1_p5:	fifth picture. Is this any way to light a 3’
fluorescent bulb:) ?	  10 second exposure.