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>>From rwstephens-at-host.ptbo.igs-dot-net Fri Apr 19 01:12 MDT 1996

>So what?, you must be saying to yourself if you're still reading 
>this.  Well, what it is is that the whole time during this recording, 
>in the background I can hear ZZZZZZZZZZT.......ZZZZT.....ZZZZZZZT...,
>in 400Hz whine whenever my T.C. contacted a ground target with a good 
>hot streamer.  Apparently artificially lifting  ground here with some 
>artificial lightning induced  noise currents in my phone lines.
1. How about 400Hz on the power line from the variable load the
transformer presents when your spark gap conducts. Any RFI filters on
the power line will not attenuate this low if a frequency very much.

2. The other night I was running my TC at about 1500 watts (that's the
limit for my ballast for my pig right now). My wife was using the
48Mhz cordless phone about 15' away and could only just hear my TC. My
son, on the other hand was in bed 30' away listening to a casette tape
on his walkman. He complained about the TC comming over the
headphones. Magnetic field? or Electric field being picked up by the
head phone leads? I'm not sure, but your experience with the magnetic?
answering machine would point to a magnetic field, which your fariday
cage will not block.

> OR, did Nikola 
>Tesla call? Naw, he would have left a message, right?  

YES, he left his favorite message!