RE: Gluing Plastics

>Subject:       Gluing Plastics
>Hi all,
>        Does anyone know what solvent can be used for gluing/welding
>Try Methylene Chloride.  Nasty stuff, but it works.  You can get 
>pre-prepared liquid glues for lexan from plastics suppliers like AIN 
>plastics.  It's just Methyline Chloride with some other equally lethal stuff 
>thrown it to the mix
>Richard Hull, TCBOR
> --------

        I still have the 3 pages and got a chance to look some at them.
        Richard Hull is correct (I have yet to see him be wrong :) with
        the Methyline Chloride. It is mentioned most often in the papers.
        They also talk about RTV Silicone (The type you buy in tubes
        and use with one of those click guns) but it does not go into 
        detail as much as the Methyline Chloride.

        Bob Schumann

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