Re: High frequency impedance of a neon sign transformer

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>	Your inductance measurement for the coil without iron 
>may be OK, although it sounds a bit high, but the DC resistance
>seems excessively high.  I'd check that one with the ohmmeter
>to be sure.  It isn't easy to get good measurements on such
>low Q devices.  Takes quite a bit pf practice to find the true
>Ed Phillips
	you would think, that after 30 years of using an ohm meter,
that I would be able to multiply 27 * 100 and arrive at the correct
number, but I can't:(

I just went out and measured the Rdc of my 3 secondaries,

	the Jefferson Electric 15KV 60mA	2700 ohms.
	the  (other)                      15KV 60ma   	3200 ohms
	the Franceformer         15KV 30mA	9000 ohms.

I also am finding out that it does take practice and skill to use a
LCR bridge.

	thanks for keeping me honest.