Re: Primary Coil Design

Hi all,
        I guess this subject has drifted a little. Mark wrote...

> >Mark,
>   A thought occurred to me while reading this thread. The
> toroid acts like a shorted turn, N inches above the primary, this
> decouples the top portion of the secondary,from the primary, and
> allows it to act as a magnifier coil.

> Jim and others, I recall that someone examined this hypothesis
> using a toroid with a cut across it so it was no longer a closed
> circular loop.  Sorry, don't remember who right now, will look
> through my references.  Anyways, it did not appear to affect
> perfomance a whole lot with the toroidal loop open-circuited.  Has
> anyone tried this recently, or has the ability to try it in a
> fairly controlled manner?

I tried this last year. I measured fr of an isolated secondary and
toroid, then cut a sliver vertically thru the toroid. No change in fr
with the terminal height unchanged.