Re: Current XFMR

> The CT s that you are looking for are the modified Rogowski type and are
> never seen at common hamfests,  I have looked for years.


> The type you might have been refering to are the power 60hz types.  These
> will not measure primary tank current,  but will measure your power
> transfomer currents to a limited degree.

I had thought that the CT reference in the original post was to be used
to measure the 60Hz line current.  Is there anything that would take the
non-sinusoidal nature of the line current into account?

Also, while you're on the subject, is a modified Rogowski type CT
anything more than a CT wound on a piece of plastic tubing (i.e. - an air
core) instead of using an iron core?  I'm assuming that the response at a
given frequency for a wide range of currents would be linear since the air
would not saturate.  I could then calibrate it at a low current source,
such as a signal generator at the desired frequency, and then simply use
that transformation ratio to scope the primary tank circuit current.

Steven Roys