Re: Current XFMR

>>I am looking for a current xfmr for measuring my system current.
>>I have looked through my surplus catalogs to no avail, and swap meets 
>>around here are non-existant. 
>>Does anyone have one of these they would like to sell (Scotty says they run
>>about $5-$15).
>>Or, does anyone know where to obtain one.
>>                  Kevin M. Conkey
>give alltronics a call: info-at-alltronics-dot-com 408-943-9773 M-F 9-6pst
>sat 10-3pst. They have a lot of things that are not in the catalog.
>	jim
I had another thought, take 1 of you RFI toroid and wind a 1 turn
primary on it, then terminate the secondary with a resistance equal to
the number of turns on the secondary. For example, on my T250 toroid,
I have 100 turns of wire, I would terminate it with 100 ohms. With a 1
turn primary this will give you a 1 volt per amp  current transformer.
	thoughts? comments?